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Why Aren’t I losing weight? – Toxicity

Hey there! It’s Kelly, from Exceptional Living. Today I’m going to be talking to you about why your body might not be burning fat. Specifically, the effects that toxicity will be having on your body’s natural ability to burn fat.
Why is toxicity such a problem? Well, the thing is, your body’s number one priority is that it’s always going to do what’s going to protect itself. The way that your body protects itself from toxicity is it will store it in your fat cells.
Now if you have a lot of toxicity in your body and your goal is to burn fat, I always advise my clients, first let’s get rid of the toxins. Let’s eliminate them from your lifestyle so that your body feels safe enough to burn fat.
Because as soon as your body does start burning fat, what happens is these toxins stored in your fat cells is dumped into your blood stream and if there’s too much of that, your body’s just not going to do it.
So… What are some of the things that you can do to start eliminating toxins from your body?
The first thing that I always advise my clients to do is drink more water.
Drink more water for two purposes, one, because water’s responsible for keeping all your body organs functioning properly and two, in this case, most importantly, it’s responsible for getting all the toxins out.
If you’re not putting enough water in, how could your body possibly get the toxins out.
If you want to know how much water you should be drinking, for every twenty kilos of body weight, you’re looking at about one litre of water. In that case, if you’re 60 kilos that will work at three litres of water.
Secondly, the other thing I advise my clients to do and something I quite often enjoy doing as well, especially in the winter, is getting half a lemon, squeezing it into a cup and making a lemon tea with it.
It tastes amazing and the lemon’s great for sucking the toxins out of your fat cells.
Thirdly, I always advise my clients, everywhere they can, make the switch to organic foods. You’d be surprised at how many toxins are in your food. There’s a chart called the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen. These are the fruits and vegetables that are most toxic and the ones that are least toxic in terms of chemicals and pesticides.
I’m happy to put this up underneath at the bottom of this video as well, definitely check it out.
Where you can make the switch to organic.
In terms of your household cleaning products, again, try and find something that’s mostly natural. I have a house cleaner, she prides herself on everything being natural, everything being chemical free. Every time she comes, my house smells amazing and it’s perfectly clean and they’re all natural products.
Another way you can start getting the toxins out of your body and something I advise my clients to do is sweat at least twice a week.
Sweating is one of your bodies way of using water to push the toxins out though your skin.
The final step of action I advise, for all you serious people out there, is you can do a detox.
If you’ve never done a detox before, I do recommend you get some professional advice. Either get in contact with me and I will be so happy to help hook you up with any one of my friends that I work with, that specialize in that area or I can give you some other options.
Also, when you detox and you do a full detox program, it’s not just getting the physical toxins out of your body, it’s also detoxing you emotionally. You would be surprised the havoc that your thoughts can create in terms of toxicity.
I remember watching a little vidoe by Dr. Moto. He did this study on water and what he found was there are certain frequencies or certain thoughts that water change molecules.
In his study, he had labels written, one was love, one was hope and I think one might have been peace and what he found, was when you looked at these water crystals under a microscope, they formed these beautiful crystals.
Then in contrast to that, he had some samples that had war, hate, I want to kill you labelled on them and when he looked at these under the microscope, what he found, was these thought patterns caused the water, to look toxic.
What that means for your body is, if you’ve got thoughts where you’re beating yourself up, or that little inner voice is nagging at you, giving you a hard time, what that’s actually doing is the water in your body is becoming toxic. This is definitely going to impact on your body’s ability to burn fat.
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