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Make a change That Lasts

Hey guys! Kelly here, from Exceptional Living. Today I’m going to talk to you about how to make a lasting change, and this can be a lasting change in your health, it could be a lasting change in your finances, a lasting change in your relationship.
Whatever the change is, I’m going to give you the number one defining key that’ll have you make a change, stick to it, and really implement it and reap the benefits of it.
Your reason why for the change is so powerful … Have you ever been in a situation where you made yourself a whole bunch of promises, you started doing something, and then for whatever reason, it wasn’t before long you went back to the old thing that you used to do?
Yeah, me too. I’ve been in that exact same place. And… You know what I learned? The number one lesson that I really got from it that had me able to make a change and make it last, was that my environment creates my identity.
What do I mean by that?
Well… whatever environment you’re in will call out certain parts of your personality.
I remember with me, one of the biggest things that I had to overcome was, my self-sabotage, my un-resourceful behavioUr was the party girl. I loved it. All I had to do was step into a party environment and I would become the life of the party. If there was no party, and I was bored, I would just make one.
When I wanted to start getting serious about what I wanted to have in life, and my health, I had to decide… Do I want to keep doing this, or do I want to do something else?
So… I went away to my very first personal development seminar. It was awesome. I got so clear on what I wanted, and where I was going.
But… When I came back… I was like, “It’s going to be simple. I’m just going to do X, Y, Z and Bob’s your uncle.” However, it wasn’t that simple.
The moment I went back into my old environment, it wasn’t long before this new identity, this new person that I’d created got completely steamrolled by this old, much stronger, much more familiar identity that I used to have.
How did I grow and nurture the new identity? What were the things that I did that really had me make that change from who I used to be and really step into who I am and what it is I want out of life?
Well, I realised, I had to go and find a new environment that supported my new identity. If I really wanted this, I couldn’t go spend as much time doing the old things as I used to, because it took me right back to where I started.
To change your identity and to make a change that lasts, you need to firstly find people that are in this new environment that supports the new identity and supports the new behaviour you want to bring out of yourself.
Start spending more time with these people. It might be that you spend more time on YouTube. It could be that you go and join certain communities. For me, I went and got myself more involved with personal development, things that I knew were going to take me towards my goal.
When I did I met more people on that journey, so I could connect and create a community for myself with these people that really cemented the new changes and the new things that I was wanting to do.
I really encourage you that if you want to make changes, start seeking out some people that are doing what it is that you want to do. Start spending some more time in those environments and what you’ll find is it’ll call the new part of yourself out of you.
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Thanks and see you next time.


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Before joining the alpha fitness wellbeing program, I had a major obsession with my weight and body image. I had spent the last 24 years