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Food Principles

I have recently come across John Ratcliffe’s book ‘Low Carb Made Easy’ it’s a great read and what I like most about it is it explains very simply how the body digests food and the effects certain foods have on you metabolism. He gives some great simple principles we should all be aware of when we’re trying to lose weight. There’s a particular paragraph and some food combining points I would like to share with you that I find really valuable to know.

‘Fat can only be absorbed in the presence of Insulin.’

‘‘Eating fat does not make you fat. It is the type of carbohydrates combined with fats that will make them be absorbed.’’

‘Having understood this, it is now very easy to see why we put on weight. It soon becomes obvious that just about every meal we eat generally contains a combination of some fat, and carbohydrates that cause insulin to be released and fat to be absorbed… What’s a roast without potato? At the end of a meal you have dessert and so on. With our new understanding of fats and carbohydrates, we now know that by selectively removing the carb components that raise the blood sugar levels, we can also remove the problem of absorbing fat.’

Ratcliffe goes on to break the foods down into:

  • Good carbs
  • Bad carbs
  • Protein/Lipids

Good carbs don’t cause insulin to be released so they can be eaten with proteins and all other carbs must be consumed strictly on their own to avoid any unnecessary fats being absorbed by the body.

Fruit is also something to be eaten on its own and on an empty stomach as it digest very quickly and if eaten with other foods it will cause fermentation in your stomach. This is why you might notice you get bad bloating if you eat fruit after any meal. It is best to be eaten in the morning.

Ratcliffe also points out some important time windows to consider when you are planning your meals:

  • After any carbohydrate meal you need to wait 3 hours before you consume anything with fat because this is the time it takes for your bodies blood sugar levels to return to normal.
  • After a protein meal (consumed with good carbs) you need to wait 5 hours before eating anything that will raise your blood sugar, this is because your body will try to absorb the fat first.

Another key important fact to remember is the body needs 12 hours fasting form your last meal at night to your first meal in the morning particularly if you are trying to lose weight. This allows the metabolism to rest and get fired up again in the morning with your first meal. With out this fasting period the body gets confused and is constantly trying to store fat.

The key message I got from all of this is to really be aware of what’s going on with your blood sugar levels and this has a big effect on the way your body stores and burns excess fat.


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