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Hi, I’m Kelly Bowen.

You are here because you KNOW that your weight and wellbeing are not solely about calories in and out. You KNOW because you’ve listened to your personal trainer, starved yourself, shown discipline, had willpower, and done all you could so that you’d feel happy with the body in the mirror. Yet you have still not achieved the result you deserve.

You’re here because you won’t settle for less than you can be. You’re ready to change the things that really matter. You want certainty. You want total commitment from your coach. You want success, not blame or excuses. You wantto get off the diet roller coaster once and for all and say a final good-bye to body and food guilt, and live the life you dream of. You’re ready to REALISE the dream and make it your reality.

And that’s why I am here, too. It’s HOW I got here…I have done the hard yards and I can show you the way.

I’ll explain a bit more of my story later, but you need to know that I am not speaking from a text book. I’ve lived the same tough journey, spent years and tens of thousands of dollars studying with the world’s most insightful and influential people, one on one, and made the changes in my life the hard way. Now I am here to support you to make the changes you need to make in your life to get the body, relationship, job, radiant health and freedom you want.

That’s why I created theExceptional Living™ Program. I know anything is possible with the right mindset and support because where the mind goes the body will always willingly follow. I have taught many others the Exceptional Living™ approach and you can see their testimonies on this site.

Like you, things in my life blocked me and held me back from my true potential and just like you, I have had to overcome fears of not being good enough, self-sabotage and failure.

I was a world champion water skier at the age of 19, representing Australia many times in comps here and overseas. I was dedicated, trained by the most skilled coaches at the Australian Institute of Sport, and I had the world at my feet.

Yet despite that achievement I knew there was more to life. So I launched into exploring books, went to hear and meet leading speakers, learned from experts on how to break old habits and install productive new ones.

I began to get a sense of what I was missing and what I needed to change. In the last five years I have changed my priorities, healed family relationships, lost weight, toned up, found an amazing love which has changed my life and my partner’s, and created my way to live on my passionate edge by coaching and leading those who are seeking the same.

It has been a tough journey for me, but I can say with absolute certaintythat I learned how to live fully with every fear mastered and every block smashed. Seeing people apply what I’ve learned and now can teach you, and the successes they now enjoy every dayhas fueled my passion to help youeven more, so you too can movethrough whatever holds you back.

Now my greatest passion is living free and full of life with the select few people I agree to coach, and leading you to demolish your frustrations and fears so you can live a life filled with the awesomeness youdeserve.

Exceptional Living™ is about you finding and bringing out your own radiant health, with integrity and simplicity. By doing so, perhaps together we will forever change the Health and Wellbeing industry.

For too long the health and fitness industry have been selling all of us a storywith their traditional and outdated approach to health and weight loss. It’s good for their business, because for most of us their approach is sure to fail. It will keep you coming back as you feel shame, guilt and worse. Grinding through some 12 week transformation, “workout till you passout” program or taking the new latest and greatest diet pill will not have you achieve and maintain your ideal bodyin the long term, because it does not address the true cause of your concern.

This approach often causes more problems and brings out the inner bully in you.

Do you berate yourself, indulge in the negative self-talk anytime you have a ‘slip up’ or miss a training session or don’t see a positive change on the scales?

Then it’s time to embrace Exceptional Living ™ and change that for good.


In just the first few hours together I will introduce you to the key things you will need to implement to change your body and wellbeing forever, including:

  • About your body’s Fat Switch. When it is switched on, your chance of sustainable weight loss is zero. Your chance of frustration is 100%. I can show you how to switch it off for good!
  • How the conventional approach to health through diet and exercise in most cases goes against the fundamental nature of the body and puts your body in deep distress.
  • The crucial ‘missing link’ that is the key to you achieving and maintain your ideal body. Few know about it and even less are talking about it. When you know and apply this ‘missing link’ you will create permanent change that lasts, by healing weight gain at its core,in your Health Blueprint.
  • Becoming aware of the most important asset you own.It is the foundation we all build our life on. Without it, making money and supporting the family can become very challenging.All the money in the world can’t buy it. You need it.
  • How your health blueprint is linked to your happiness AND your relationship. Attracting and keeping your ideal partner is directly linked to how good you feel about yourself. Until you feel good and fully expressed in your beautiful and amazing body, you are only experiencing a fraction of the love, joy, energy, passion and excitement you could be enjoying. Are you prepared to settle for less?
  • How changing your Health Blueprint is the key to your success and impacts your wealth, relationships, where you live, what you do and how you move EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Once you heal your Health Blueprint and have it switched on so that it delivers Health, Energy, Vitality and your Ideal Body, your physical body will easily and naturally transform with very little effort.

If your Health Blueprint is switched OFF you can have the best diet and exercise program in the world and it still won’t have you maintain your Ideal Body long term.

I see people every day on the diet roller-coaster or constantly struggling with their health and weight.I passionately believe everyone is entitled to look in the mirror, love what they see and wake up feeling inspired and excited about life!


When working with me, I am 100% committed to you and your success.I will help you identify and resolve what’s keeping you from your desired health, ideal body and life goals so you can live your lifeyour way and be an outstanding role model for your family, your friends and your children.

There is no challenge too big or too small. When you are part of the Exceptional Living™Team anything is possible!

I will be beside you 100%, every step of the way making sure your outcome is all you want it to be.

I know with absolute certainty you will achieve your goals!

I believe this so strongly I offer a 100% money back guarantee with all my Packages, Products, Programs Events, Workshops and Services.

So I’ve packaged all the elements of diet, learning and mindset change you will need to create the life you focus on and most deeply desire into the Exceptional Living ™ program. It will take commitment and is not a short cut, but there is no surer or easier way to get the lasting results you long for and deserve.

I’m offering all of this to you 100% risk free. No chance for regrets! Does your personal trainer, dietician or doctor offer the same?

All you need to do is get in touch and find out how together we can change your weight, health, wellbeing and life for the better.

Click HERE now to be taken to the booking page for our next workshop, and give yourself the life you deserve.

My Qualifications:

  • Meta Dynamics 2 Practitioner – The Coaching Institute
  • NLP* Practitioner – The Coaching Institute
  • NLP* Master Practitioner – The Coaching Institute
  • NLP* Trainer – The Coaching Institute
  • Certificate IV Personal Trainer – Wyn Training
  • Level 1 Kettle Bells – Fitness Australia
  • Advance Nutrition For Sports – Fitness Network
  • Advance Boxing – Thump Boxing
  • Level 2 Usui Reiki

* (NLP)Neuro-Linguistic Programming explores the relationship between how we think (neuro) and how we communicate to ourselves and the external world (linguistic) through our behaviour and emotional patterns (programmes). It is the study and modeling of excellence and the most effective facilitator of permanent change in human behaviour.


  • U21 Women’s World Jump Champion – Chile 2003
  • Former U21 World Jump Record Holder at a World Title – Chile 2003
  • Represented Australia on numerous occasions for water skiing
  • Multiple Australian Title Holder between 1997 – 2002
  • Australian Record Holder
  • Trained at both the Australian and Victorian Institute of Sport


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Since I started working with Kelly I’ve become a much happier person, the difference is simply amazing. I frequently find myself genuinely, dopey smile and
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Training with Kelly for the past few months has been a great experience. Her positive energy and fun class structure makes the hour fly by,
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I've never seen my body so good as I have the past 9 months. I am better at work because I have more strength and
Rosemarie Taranto
I was extremely happy with the way Kelly approached our session and it was very beneficial to me. Kelly created a trusting and warm environment
Before joining the alpha fitness wellbeing program, I had a major obsession with my weight and body image. I had spent the last 24 years
Before joining the alpha fitness wellbeing program, I had a major obsession with my weight and body image. I had spent the last 24 years